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Are you training for an event and need help fuelling your performance and optimising your recovery?


Does your team need a nutrition strategy?


Do you need a nutrition package to go alongside your fitness journey?

If you would like to discuss a bespoke package please get in contact. 

I am a qualified sports dietitian, who can provide a specialised performance nutrition service to meet your individual dietary requirements and formulate a personalised plan. As a sports dietitian I am able to take into account any medical conditions that the client may present with (e.g. diabetes, coeliac disease), and ensure that any aspect that may impact the sports nutrition are addressed.

Please note, I do not create bespoke meal plans, I believe in educating and empowering my clients to use their new knowledge to guide them in their meal choices. 

Please note, I cannot see people less than 16 years old, those 16-18 years old must attend with a parent or guardian. I also cannot see people with eating disorders. 


Race Build Up

This will include recommendations for the 24-36 hours pre event to ensure you are in optimal condition prior to the start of the race. This will be specific to you, taking into account the race, your schedule, food preferences, any health conditions. 

Race Day

We will formulate a plan around your preferences, and tailored to your personalised nutrition requirements. This will help reduce any race day ‘bonks’ or ‘hitting the wall’ and reduce the frequency of bowel issues. 

This will also include some brief recovery strategies to ensure you can get back to training and enjoying your sport as soon as possible.  

What is included?

Personalised PDF report including meal, snacks and drink ideas to consider tailored to the foods that you enjoy. Including the race build up and an event day plan build around the timings of your race. 

Your energy requirements calculated (protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and hydration recommendations)

Email follow up and support as required, any additional resources will be emailed after the consultations.

Green Goodness


You may not have a race in the diary but are looking to improve your performance and fuelling. We can review how nutrition fits around your training schedule. We can focus on any specific areas you are struggling with, for example: poor recovery, tummy issues, decreased energy levels. 

I can also help with optimising recovery during periods of injury. 

What is included?

Personalised PDF reports including recommendations, energy requirements (protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and hydration recommendations).

Additional resources as required.

Email follow up and support, any additional resources will be emailed after the consultations.


This is a more concise version of the Personalised Event Plan, this is for clients who are time limited and just want to focus on the race day itself and not on training period as well. 


What is included?

Personalised PDF report for race day including meal, snacks and drink ideas to consider, tailored to the foods that you enjoy. 

Your energy requirements for race day (protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and hydration recommendations)



Nutrition coaching for clubs or teams can be provided as talks, workshops or by contract for regular input.


Topics could include:

Eating for health and performance

Training and competition nutrition

Recovery nutrition

Game day nutrition

Hydration workshop

Please contact me to enquire about pricing


Discovery Call - 15 minutes


During this introductory telephone call we can discuss your goals, expectations and concerns. I will explain my approach and if we decide working together is a good fit then we can discuss the best way to do this. If you choose to proceed, you will be then sent the new client forms and questionnaire. 


Prior to your initial consultation you will be sent a new client questionnaire and terms and conditions. We may discuss keeping a food diary prior to our first appointment. This is for your dietary intake and training activities, for a minimum of 4 days.  This should be an accurate representation of your usual diet. This will be analysed and compared against your personalised nutritional requirements. 


Initial appointments are 60 minutes and review appointments are 45 minutes and will include different content depending on the package you have chosen.  At the end of the consultation if you have paid in advance for more consultations then we can schedule these or wait until you feel ready. 


All appointments will be held online via video call or telephone call (depending on your preference), information on how to join will be sent to your prior to your appointment. 




Includes 1x new session (1 hour) and 2x review sessions (45minutes).


Initial: £110 
Review: £80

2 session package (1x new and 1x review): £170
3 session package (1x new, 2x review): £250



1 hour session



45 minute session

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